Dust-free Home Renovation Services

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The cleanest renovation experience.

Dustless accoustic ceiling removal newmarket

Dustless Popcorn Removal

Flat Ceilings with no mess. As seen on TV!

Wallpaper installation in GTA

Wallpaper Installation

Expert installation murals and wallpaper

Residential Home Interior painting, professional painters in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, King, Kleinburg, Bolton, Aurora

Residential Painting

Perfect results by expert painters


Dustless Stair Refinishing

The cleanest renovation experience.

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Custom Wood Inlay Medallions

Any design, any size. Perfect in every way.

Dustless sanding, Dust Free sanding, Dustless Floor refinishing, Dust free Floor refinishing, Toronto, GTA, Vaughan, Thornhill, North York, Richmond hill, Aurora, Newmarket

Flooring Material & Installation

Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate & Vinyl

Hard wood Floor Refinishing - Toronto - Vaughan, Maple, Aurora, Newmarket, Mississauga, Woodbridge

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Residential & Commercial Refinishing Services

We specialize in Dust-free renovation.

Our mission is to deliver a clean renovation experience.
Each project begins with complete floor protection.
The working area is sealed off  to keep your home clean.
Powerful HEPA vacuums capture dust at the source.
Smooth Ceiling Dustless Popcorn Accoustic Ceiling Stucco Stipple Texture Removal, toronto, downtown, downtown toronto vaughan, richmond hill, north york, king city, aurora
Dustless sanding, Dust Free sanding, Dustless Floor refinishing, Dust free Floor refinishing, Toronto, GTA, Vaughan, Thornhill, North York, Richmond hill, Aurora, Newmarket
Upon project completion there is no dust to be found.
Dustless accoustic ceiling removal newmarket

Dustless Popcorn Removal

Flat Ceilings with no mess. As seen on TV!