Fix Squeaky, Creaky Floors

Squeaky floors are the most annoying thing! What good is the best renovation job if it leaves you with creaky, squeaky floors? Before we install your new flooring, we always start by checking the floors for squeaks. Loose or rubbing parts of the subfloor and framing cause that annoying sound.

bracing to stop squeaks in floor
Bracing added to floor framing to stop floor movement which caused squeaks

Often, reattaching the subfloor to the joists with 1.25″ flooring screws is sufficient, but sometimes, a simple screw down is not enough. In those cases the squeaks are caused by more than just nails rubbing against the subfloor, we stop floor squeaks with a combination of fasteners and bonding agents. In some cases, we add permanent bracing to strengthen and stabilize  the structure.

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